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Sourabh Chandrakar
(सौरभ चंद्राकर)​

We work towards ensuring a life free from inequality and discrimination for Society.


During a time when the world was shrouded in fear and uncertainty, particularly in India where the pandemic inflicted heavy casualties, causing mental anguish and basic needs struggles for many, Shri Sourabh Chandrakar emerged as a true leader. Whether it was extending financial assistance to laborers or facilitating their return to their respective cities and villages from Bhilai, Mr Chandrakar exhibited unwavering commitment to those in dire need.

Chandrakar rendered an invaluable service to humanity by distributing food packages, sanitation materials, and essential supplies to 34 trains when people were grappling with an uncertain future and yearning to reunite with their families. Furthermore, he ensured testing kits and beds were made available for those in need.

Recognizing the tireless dedication of frontline workers who fought like true heroes amidst overwhelming challenges, Sourabh Chandrakar extended a heartwarming gesture by providing them with luxurious accommodations in hotels when the need for survival was paramount.


Food and Survival Kit Distributions

A civil society organization that has emerged as a beacon of hope for families in distress, offering a helping hand to those in need. This organization focuses on supporting deserving students who possess exceptional talents but, due to financial constraints, face the challenges of material deprivation, such as a lack of basic school supplies like water bottles and notebooks.

Efforts have been made to pave the way for these students to access education, safeguarding their fundamental right to learning, and providing them with educational kits to facilitate their journey. In times when many struggled to put food on the table, this NGO brought smiles to faces by supplying groceries and other essential food items.

In summary, this NGO wholeheartedly serves individuals from all walks of life who require assistance, making a meaningful impact on their lives.



“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.” ―Shannon L. Alder Justifying the above mentioned quote, we can see how Sourabh Chandrakar set an example before society that wealth, if channelised with the fuel of right intentions and noble deeds, can do wonders in the lives of people who deserve to be freed from the shackles of adversity. A man with a golden heart and kind gestures, Chandrakar is truly an inspiration for all who want to serve people without a second thought”

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Saurabh Chandrakar Family

In a world frequently characterized by haste and self-absorption, individuals like Mrs Chandrakar shine brightly as beacons of compassion and kindness.

She possesses a heart that readily empathizes with anyone grappling with difficulties or hardships.

Sourabh Chandrakar believes fervently in giving back to her nation and actively engages in initiatives aimed at fostering its welfare and advancement.

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